Monday, March 9, 2015

Krosmaster Storage

Storage.  While not a complete sentence is a complete and complex idea that can be a major factor in our favorite game du jour: Krosmaster.  There are many things that need to be considered when trying to store all of these wonderfully painted and produced miniatures, not the least of which include: price, mobility, portability, dimensions of the models, and model safety.  With this, my debut post, I would like to talk about what I went through and, more importantly, what came out of my own deliberations on the subject.

I will write this post referencing only characters that I have (currently a vast majority of available) and with trays that I actually use.  I will likely do a number of followup posts exploring options that I have seen other people use, after testing,  The majority of my storage is done with Battlefoam brand material but this post is in no way backed by them.  Currently I am sporting a P.A.C.K 720 which can hold six 1.5" tall trays which are the current optimal height for Krosmaster figures.  This does leave an approximate one inch of space at the top which I use to hold my card binder and miscellaneous bits. I will choose to neglect talking about price as that is a very personal decision other than to say that I, personally, am comfortable with what I spent putting my bag together.  My bag is fairly mobile friendly and I have not yet had a figure come to harm while in transport.  My one non-issue is that it is a touch larger than I am comfortable keeping near me at a shop.  It's a bit too large to keep under a table multiple people are sitting at.  This is outweighed by my preference to have all my figures available if I want to change my team on the fly (which I am notorious for) or for having things available to new players wanting to try something out that they may not have.  I will spoil that I am working on designing a small "tournament ready" case and trays that should accommodate roughly two teams worth of figures and minis/tokens of varying sizes.
Battlefoam 15.5 x 12 x 1.5
Pictured left is something a large portion of people may be familiar with:  Battlefoam's custom tray creator.  More specifically it is what I call my Standard Character size tray.  It's all well and good to point out that there are forty open spaces that measure 1.5" by 2" but it is another thing to actually know what it can hold and how it holds them.  By that I mean which specific characters and how they fit into the tray, safely, snugly, tight, bulging, whatever.  This tray can comfortably, and very little deformation hold: Boo Ming, bad Aboum, Remington Smisse, Kassius Kaos, Bill Tell, Jems Blond, Luk Ylook, Srammy, Oscar Kass, Fraktor, Klor Ofil, Makum Bah, Fern Sock'em, Nox, Lumino, Trank, Diver Biel, Moe Lawr, Ghett Outadier, Ayan, Kivin, Theo, and Kip Agau.  A picture will be provided at the bottom of the post with figures in the tray.  I would like to go ahead and get the pre-requisite "Sorry for poor potato quality phone camera photos."

Standard Slim
Pictured right is what I refer to as a Standard Slim character tray.  The biggest difference from the Standard Character size tray is that the slots are one and a quarter inch wide as opposed to one and a half  while still two inches tall.  This allows for an additional column of slots and eight smaller slots for tokens/dice/personal preference.  This tray will hold: King of the Gobballs, Maskun John, Lil Healey, Ally McZeal, Di Curey, Coa Gulary, Anna Tommy, Clot the Crapulous, Quentin Flush, Dani O'Shun, Naz Rael, Argon Gass, Amalia, Evangelyne, Krobax, Skale, Bellzebug, Grampy, Joris, Elogio, Ira Tayte, Katsu Mi, Kitty Rage, Emma Sacre, Chrissy Entrinch, Anne Gupp, Steamy Wonder, Pandalida, Malee Buhrum, Poochan, Arthur Bine, and Choppy Sue.

Tall Character
This tray (pictured left) is my Tall Character tray.  The top right most two columns (top two rows when looked at with characters, see below) were meant to be two and three quarter inches tall as Shak Shaka, currently the tallest character that I know the height of, is just over two and a half inches tall.  the width remains the standard one and a half inches which works well for all the characters in the tray aside from the Goultards which sit on their sides rather than their backs, Poofy hair and all that.  This tray will comfortably hold Queen of the Tofus, Victor don Voom, Cloud Knight, Drop Knight, Drop Knight, Flame Knight, Leaf Knight, Darkness Knight, Ruel Stroud, Percedal, both Gioultards, Count Frigost, Captain Amakna, Count Harebourg, Kerub Crepin, Lou, Raul Bak, Henual, Mike Locke, Igar Dlador, Wally Sumwerels, Doo Rex, Gein, Amakna Riktus, Bonta Riktus, Sufokia Riktus, Brakmar Riktus, Elite Riktus, Dark Vlad, Tiktokovitch, and Katar.

Wide Character
This last tray for this post is a deviation from my initial one tray per general size motif (regular, fat, tall, slim) because I found out that with the characters I have there are only eight that qualify as "fat." Though from the recent spoilers for season 3 creating something of a trend (IN MY OPINION) we may start to see more wider characters.  It also worked out that there were only six tall characters more than I had room for.  My standard wide character space is a square two inches by two inches, though for the sake of forward thought and space optimization, I added an extra quarter inch to most of the wide spaces.  This tray also has nine 1.25" squares that are optimal for small PVC tokens.  One inch squares have also been thrown around as token slots but I have used that size for tokens and I'm a little ill at ease with the amount of drag there is on all sides.  The characters I consider wide are: Adamai, Quilby, Kriss Krass, Djaul, Shadow, Vampyro, Merkator, and Black Crow.

I look forward to hearing what other people have tried for storing their minis and I hope that I have helped everyone interested in at least some small way.  As promised here are my current in use trays and what they hold.

-William is an avid Boardgamer, and a fly by the seat kind of player.


  1. Addendum: The P.A.C.K 720 is available with a custom loadout for ~$195.

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    1. Can you post your order number for all this? Looks good and I might have something to save for.

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