Tuesday, July 21, 2015

DFW Krosmaster's Online Semi-Casual Tournament [UPDATED]

As one part experiment, and one part outreach to the other Texas fans, I decided to host the first (of what I hope to be several) DFW Krosmaster online tournaments. You'll find the list of players, their teams and a link to the online bracket after the break.

You can follow the bracket here by clicking on the bold blue words below:
DFW Krosmaster June 2015

Each player had two lists. They can switch lists between matches, but it is not required.



Jeremie M (Dallas)
Team 1: Theo, Young King Yugo, Ayan, Kivin, Kivin
Team 2: Anna Tomy, Katar, Coa Gulary, Coa Gulary, Steamy Wonder

2nd Place:

Gabriel G-L (Fort Worth)
Team 1: Ghett Outaheir, Diver Birel, Luk Ylook, Henual, Moe Lawr
Team 2: Vampyro, Crissy Entrich, Boo Ming, Kivin

3rd Place:

Johnathan M (Austin)
Team 1: Gein, Percidal, Bad Abom
Team 2: Gein, Ghett Outadier, Ayan

4th Place:

Shaun H (Frisco)
Team 1: Henual, Coa Gulary, Ayan, Kitty RAGE, Moe Lawr, Di Cury
Team 2: Gein, Ghett Outaheir, Henual

5th Place:

Billy B (Fort Worth)
Team 1: Luk Ylook, Quilby, Phaeris, Kivin, Henual
Team 2: Katar, Jems Blond, Moe Lawr, Steamy Wonder

Mike C (Fort Worth)
Team 1: Bill Tell, Quilby Traitor, Arthur Bine
Team 2: Bill Tell, Arthur Bine, Bad A Boom, Lil Healy

7th Place:

Kevin H (Houston)
Team 1: Merkator, Bill Tell, Bill Tell
Team 2: Gein, Ayan, Ayan, Joris

William H (Dallas)
Team 1: Quilby, Queen of the Tofus, Boo Ming, Moe Lawr
Team 2:  Kitty RAGE, Bill Tell, Bill Tell, Di Curey


Aaron P (Fort Worth)
Team 1: Oscar Kass, Bill Tell, Lil Healy, Arthur Bine
Team 2: Bill Tell, Oscar Kass, Lil Healy, Bad Aboum

Alex B (Fort Worth)
Team 1: Bill Tell, Oscar Kass, Ruel Stroud, Arthur Bine
Team 2: Bill Tell, Oscar Kass, Arthur Bine, Lil Healy

Jason M (Mansfield)
Team 1: Harry Sah, Black Crow, Queen of the Tofus
Team 2: Katar, Ally McZeal, Joris

Stephen P (Austin)
Team 1: Captain Amakna, Darkness Knight
Team 2: Luk Ylook, Percedal, Quentin Flush, Merkator

Terrence Jackson (New Orleans)
Team 1: Evangelyne, Coa Gulary, Djual, Chrissy Entrich, Percedal, Di Curey
Team 2: Nox, Luck Ylook, Chrissy Entrich, Di Curey

Trevor L (Dallas)
Team 1: Goldenrod Terminatot, Gein, Joris, Kivin
Team 2: Yugo, Percedal, Amalia, Evangeline

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  1. If anyone has any comments they'd like to add about their matches, please do! :)