About us

 R.Nav is the tofu behind the scenes working on the editorial, web, logo and other miscellaneous bits of the blog. He's also the head coordinator of the Facebook Group. If there's a store demo or an event, it's probably Randy volunteering.

Jeric is an established miniatures player who provides tactical insight, event reports and a few odds and ends along the way. He’s originally from Wisconsin, but now resides in Dallas and he can be found at pretty much every event that Randy runs.

Hello everyone! My name is William and I am an avid Boardgamer. I'm more of a fly by the seat kinda player. To me, lists are fun to theorycraft but I'm as apt to make a list that feels right five minutes before the match as I am to go pre-built. I prefer more A-Team style team builds (multiple characters, multiple tactics) as opposed to running a Tango and Cash (two six point characters), but that's all preference and playstyle... I hope you enjoy the game, have fun, and enjoy the blog.

Ever thought, "Hey, Maybe I could make that..."? That's what Gabe does.Gabe loves games, but when something is lacking, Gabe tries to fix it.  Father of two, so it's done when the kids are sleeping.