Monday, May 30, 2016

Krosmaster Quest Map Conversion II: Crypt Map

Using the Crypt Map in Krosmaster Quest

Have an extra copy of the Crypt Map? Have Krosmaster Quest? Well here are rules for converting the map!


Quarter the map along the yellow lines. For map balance, you will need to add additional Demonic Shrine squares in the locations indicated by white stars, as Quest tiles all have either 2 or 3 Demonic squares. Set up the game as normal. The terrain is converted below
  1. Starting Cells become the appropriate Starting Cell for the monster type(s) you are playing with.
  2. Well Cells become Tree Cells. (x4)
  3. Barrel Cells become Hay Bale or Low Wall Cells. (x2)
  4. Coffin Cells become Ore Vein Cells. (x8)
  5. Coin Cells become Egg or Dung Cells. (x24)

Fog Cell
Fog Cells are used on this map and have the following special rules:
  1. If you are in a Fog Cell, it reduces your range by one.
  2. If there is a Fog Cell between yourself and the target, you do not have line of sight.

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