Monday, May 30, 2016

Krosmaster Quest Map Conversion I: Island Map

Using the Island Map in Krosmaster Quest

Have an extra copy of the Island Map? Have Krosmaster Quest? Well here are rules for converting the map!


Quarter the map along the yellow lines. For map balance, you will need to add additional Demonic Shrine squares in the locations indicated by white stars, as Quest tiles all have either 2 or 3 Demonic squares. Set up the game as normal with one additional rule: “Place one raft on each tile containing a Buoy Cell”
The terrain is converted as follows:
  1. Starting Cells become the appropriate Starting Cell for the monster type(s) you are playing with.
  2. Totem Cells become Ore Vein Cells. (x6)
  3. Coin Cells become Egg or Dung Cells. (x24)
Raft Cells are used on this map and have the following special rules:

  1. Any Water Cell containing a raft is considered a Raft Cell.
  2. A Raft Cell also counts as a Low Wall or Hay Bale for purposes of quests.
  3. You cannot enter a Raft Cell from a Water Cell.
  4. It costs 1 MP and 1 AP to enter a Raft Cell. This is not a spell, but it is the only way to enter a Raft Cell.
  5. When a character on a Raft Cell uses MP to move onto a Water Cell, the Raft moves with them.
  6. At the end of a player's turn, they may move any Raft Cell containing their Krosmaster 1 square. This movement does does not cost MP, nor cause Lock Checks.

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