Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Make Some Dark Hero Summons

I love the figures from the Dark Heroes expansion.  So much so that I couldn’t wait to play them with their summoned units, so I had to make my own.  First I’ll start with the easier sculpts and move on to the more advanced forms.


First let’s talk about what you need.  I have always been artsy craftsy so I had a lot of these items around the house.  I bought some Super Sculpey because of its ability to hold finer details.  I was able to borrow some clay tools from my sister to work with.

The silver tool is for scraping out clay and the other has different shaped edges for working the clay.  I bought some wire, commonly used for making flower arrangements or building up other structures, so I could make a skeleton for the sculptures. You’ll need a wire cutter or needle-nose pliers to work with the wire.   I used aluminum foil to build bulky parts and a baking sheet for placing the sculptures in the oven.  I had a variety of paints and a spray can of matte finish for the final paint job.  I also bought 30mm bases and epoxy for putting everything together.

Katar's Offspring

I started off by making the basic tentacle shape, molding and twisting the clay with my hands.  Important thing to note about super sculpey, you really need to work it with your hands to make it pliable.  I cute lots of small pieces of wire to make sure that everything holds together.  For the eyes, I stick these wire bits in the clay and make half spheres for the eyes and roll out little snakes out of the clay to wrap around the eyes as eye lids.  Using the shaping tool, I smooth the eye lids down to the body.

Katar's Offspring
I lined my baking sheet with foil and baked the sculpey according to the instructions on the box, every clay has different times.  I used some acrylic paint I had around.  White paint for the eye balls, I mixed up some blue paint to closely match Katar’s coloring.  I used a fine point brush to dot the eyes and then with the head of a needle I added some detail to the eye and voila!

Vampyro's Ghouls

Now this one took some experimentation.  I manipulated the wire to try and make a wire frame skeleton to build the clay on.  My first attempts were too thick and made it impossible to shape the clay, so I had to scrap them and make thin basic shapes to build on.  I also fashioned aluminum balls for skulls.  I made one whole ghoul first and then made the other 3, hence the differences in appearance.

 Wrapping clay around the foil ball and working it out a made the basic shape and using my tools scraped out some eyes and shaped some teeth.  Using the same technique from before I used a piece of wire to add the ears.  Wrapping clay around the skeleton wire and shaping with the tools, you can make crude humanoid bodies.  The hardest part is trying to make hands.  They aren’t great but pushing the clay out with the curved end of the tool, I made a rough hand shape, and with the sharp edge a carved in some finger lines.  Cutting out some shapes out the clay I built a basic a loin cloth for each Ghoul.

Leaving enough wire out for a neck connection, dig a hole on the base of the skull so we can connect the head to the torso.  Bake following your clays baking instructions.  I used a miter to smooth out the occasional rough patches in the eye sockets.  Paint each piece individually, epoxy the head on to the torso, the wire should slide easily into the hole in the skull.  Spray all of your happy little minis with a clear matte sealant to protect them.  Epoxy them onto their bases and go reap havoc on the Krosmos.

Vampyro's  Ghouls

If you have any questions, tips, or tricks that might help me, drop me a comment below. I am by no means an expert at this. Now go play some Krosmaster Arena!

-Gabe always tries to fix things.  Father of two, so it's done when the kids are sleeping.

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