Thursday, March 17, 2016

Rules For Special Maps: Island I (Piwate map)

Throughout the 2015 tournament season, the Island I map was used. In addition, the map is one side of the Piwate Island set. This post is a reminder of the special rules of that map, as well as the rules for The Game of Ghost Pirates mini-game.

Island I

Rules are as follows:
Palm Trees = Trees (There are six)
Totems = Bushes (There are six)
Rafts = Special Rules (There are six)
Rafts have the following rules:

  1. Any water cell containing a raft is considered a raft cell.
  2. A game piece cannot move or be moved onto a raft cell except by using the special Boarding spell.*
  3. Boarding is a spell all characters have. You cannot cast the boarding spell if you are standing in a water cell.
  4. Boarding costs 1 MP to cast (not AP!) It is a Target: Self only spell, and when cast, moves the character onto an adjacent unoccupied raft cell. This is not considered movement, so there is no lock check.
  5. When a character on a raft uses MP to move onto a water cell, the raft moves with them, and thus stays underfoot.

*No teleporting, throwing, pushing onto a raft cel. A character on a raft cell can transform (Ex: Quilby, Adamai)

The Game of Ghost Pirates
Another feature of the Island I/Piwate Island set is a mini game that comes with it. It's a capture the flag scenario played with treasure chest tokens (or if you're a rebel, you can substitute something else). I've attached an image so you can make your own if need be.
Setup Map and Demonic Rewards as normal. Do not distribute GGS. They are not used in this game. Next, Each player chooses a provided Piwate Treasure token, then places their treasure token on a raft cell in play.
At the beginning of a player's turn, if their adversary has one or more KO'd Krosmasters, the player whose turn it is puts them into play on his opponents starting cells, without markers or Demonic Rewards.
The treasure is not an obstacle, is Unfazed, and the cell it's in remains unoccupied. If it's on a Raft cell and the Raft is moved, it moves with the Raft. A Krosmaster can move a treasure in their cell, or an adjacent one, to a free cell within a range of 2, for 2 AP.
Game End:
The first player to bring the enemy treasure to one of their starting cells wins the game!

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