Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Make your own 3D Map.

When Japanime announced the 3D Resin Board, I immediately cried for I did not have $400 for it and started concocting a plan to build my own.

At a local Hobby Store, Hobby Lobby, I purchased a couple of sheets of ½ inch foam board as well as a sheet of the usual 1/8 in foam board. I also used paint brushes, water color paints, pins, sticker paper, exact-o knife, and Mod Podge Hard Coat. You have to make a decision on what size you want each tile to be for your map. I went with 33mm or roughly 1 ¼ in, since Krosmaster figures are 30mm I wanted to make sure there was a margin of error and make my spaces slightly larger.

I decided I wanted to make the three bridges map. The bulk of the map is made of the ½ in foam board. Using my ruler I made a grid of each square for the overall map. I then mapped out all the squares of land that are pictured on the map. I also made the 3 bridges as 4 x 2 pieces. I then made the next layer, leaving additional spaces to hold and support the bridges. I decided to cut out a few spots to add more dimension to the map. I also cut out four 2 x 1 pieces to add even more dimension. The 1/8 in foam I used to cut out border walls for the map and border walls for the bridges.

Using the Mod Podge as a glue, I laid out the first layer and glued it down to the base, using the pins to hold them down in place. Following the same steps, I glued down the next layer, and then the accent pieces on top. I then used the map image to paint each square a color that best suited that map square. Green for grassy areas, gray for bridges, brown for paths, and blue for the sky area. I also sponged some white onto the sky area to add a cloud like effect.
The next step involved manipulating the map image on my computer. Using Photoshop I was able to enlarge portions of the map to my 33cm specs. I had to break the map up into 4 sections and print them on sheets of 8.5 x 11 sticker paper. With a good pair of scissors I cut out each square and adhered it to its location. Once all the stickers were placed, I also found a basic brick pattern online and duplicated it over an entire sheet and printed 2 sheets of sticker paper for my border walls. Covering my border walls with the brick pattern, I then began gluing and pinning these border walls into place and gluing the walls to the bridges and placing them on the map.

The last step involved coating the entire structure with the Mod Podge Hard Coat using a foam brush. The Mod Podge takes a few coats but creates a clear solid coating that protects the map. Voila! 3D board! Have fun!

Bonus! Using the methods from my previous summoning token creating I was able to craft the 3 Crobaks for the Black Crow.

As always feel free to ask questions. I'm not expert, but I do what I can. Now go play some Krosmaster Arena!

-Gabe always tries to fix things. Father of two, so it's done when the kids are sleeping.