Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Dark Heroes Release @ Chronicles Games and Comics Tournament Report

On Saturday January 17th, I was lucky enough to have a Dark Heroes Release event in our area at Chronicles Games and Comics. Being a weekend filled with a metric ton of other game release events to attend, we pulled in 6 players and generated a slew of interested viewers as we battled for the coveted mount.

After debating what I should play, I ended up going for comfort over trying something new from the Dark Heroes set.

I apologize for not having pictures of my games, but with all of activity going down in the store it slipped the minds of pretty much everybody there.

Round 1 vs Shaun

I had played Shaun in our first Season 02 draft, who made quick work of my team with a strong Gein pull. This meeting would include Gein again, but instead of a rag tag group of 6 points, he was accompanied by the awesome might of Captain Amakna.

I won the right to go first due to awesome speed bonuses and I try to get a good handle on the economy getting 11 kamas and getting Merkator positioned in the middle to defend his allies should my opponent try to flank and defend the kamas in the middle. Iop Style currently showing as one of the demonic rewards available.

Shaun brings forward Gein, netting a bunch of Kamas on his way into the center and Cap picks up a few more and with his last AP he purchases Iop style to deny Merkator a powerful buff and pick up some muscle for himself.

On my turn one of My Coa’s starts shopping, picking up an Aero Boost for Merkator. Luk peppers a few Frozen Arrows into the bold Gein for 0 damage. Quentin decides to show Luk how it’s done, making all 3 flips hitting Gein for 4.  Merkator Adjusts to the side and pops Pressure Cooker/ Aero Buff and hits Gein for 6  and eats another 2 from Clout of Fog, leaving him sitting on a ton of debuffs and a blinking health bar. Di gives Merkator some HP back and I pass the turn over

In a rough spot, Shaun retreats Gein the 3 squares he can, buys an item digging for some HP (and ends up flipping an Aero Buff) and then fires off a few insecticides at Quentin and a Coa who were nearby. He then brings in Cap who using his flying ninja kick, blows up my poor kitty and gains the first GG of the game. After considering the odds, he decides to move forward to tie up my coa from making it so she couldn’t just walk over and end poor Gein.

My shopping coa continues the trend, picking up the Aero Buff and loading up Merkator for a run on the Cap. The tied up Coa starts the party by throwing in 4 damage, Luk Following it up with 2 More, and Merkator with the Aid of his Buff bested Cap leaving Shaun at just a single GG.
Shaun reveals that Gien learned Sacrier style and moving up and destroying the near by Coa and running for the hills.

After a few turns of moving back and forth, the cloud of fog eventually won out taking down Gien 2 turns later after shopping Coa intercepts him for 3.

1-0 MVP goes to the demonic rewards gods for the back to back pulverization buff double feature.

Round 2 vs Joshua

Joshua decided that he wanted to reverse the Duel pack and bring Gein and Merkator to the fight.

I go first get the usual cash and set up Merkator’s guard dog routine, waiting to see what he would do.

Joshua rolls a double dofus and chooses Double Critical for tension and sells for 3. Lacking a push, his Merkator trudges up the field collecting what money he can. Gein moves around the back field collecting some gold and feeling out what I plan to do as well.

I roll doubles as well and sell for 3. Team Coa pick up some more money and load up Luk with a healing wand and one Coa with a pyro boost. Merkator fires two clouts of fog on his evil twin and backs up, only putting 1 point on his enemy but healing back up between di and his self-heal.

Joshua seeing a Coa and Quentin off to the side, he decides to move Gein forward, drop two traps to cut off back up and fires an insecticide into the wayward cat. His Merkator moves forward firing 2 shots for 0 damage to My Merkator and positioning to mix it up next turn.

I move one Coa closer to his Merkator, while the other moves around the bomb, using the pyro buff hits Gein for 6, Luk frozen arrows him for 2, Quentin struggles with the lottery adding 2 more and Merkator stomps through the traps to end the game.

2-0 MVP Coa’s fiery temper

Round 3 vs Gabe

It all comes down to this. Gabe is the 2014 Regional champion and an opponent I have successfully dodged until now. For the third time today I would face Gein, but instead of the buddy system he brought The Queen of the Tofus, Double Coa and Fern Sock’em to the Party.

For round 3 the map was rotated 90 degrees so my early economy plan was shut down hard. He goes first and floods the boards with tofu and sends Gein up the gut and he gets whatever money he can get.

 I roll doubles I also scrape up what I can and send Di towards Gein’s side of the field to prepare for the upcoming brawl, but she ended up too close to Coa.

He rolls doubles and sells for 3. He turbos Gein into the breach and he blows chakra, killing both Di and a Coa and then blocking Merkator's way in with tofu , the rest of his forces going for a flank.

I manage to break Merkator free and put 5 damage on to the kiting Gein and then move my forces closer to him. He kills Quentin and blocking up Merkator again this time with tofu and the lock doll. I break free, but fall short of killing Gein and one tension roll later get hits 10 kamas and purchases my last GG, ending the game.

It was poor placement on my part and great play on Gabe to capitalize and zone me out.

Overall I took second place and went home with a new horsey. I had a great time, congrats to Gabe on the win and thanks to our local organizer Randy for running and again Chronicles Games and Comics for the great Krosmaster deals and hosting the event.

Jeric is an established miniatures player who provides tactical insight, event reports and a few odds and ends along the way.

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