Monday, February 9, 2015

It's Alive! (Sort of)

Welcome to the soft-launch of LOCK CHECK, a blog about everything Krosmaster from the DFW Krosmaster community.

I'm Randy, the webtofu around here and volunteer at many Krosmaster events in the DFW area. If you've attended a convention, demo day, or tournament in the DFW area there's a pretty decent chance we've met!

Why the soft launch?

Because sometimes the best way to get started on something is to just do it. DFW Krosmaster has several members passionate about the game, and a blog is a great supplement to Facebook.

What can readers expect?

A little bit of everything. Mostly tournament reports at first, links to stores we play at, and a calendar of events so if you're not on Facebook, you have another easy location to find events. I've had several players tell me that they don't use Facebook, or don't want to link their super-private Facebook to a public group.

R.Nav never knows what to say in these things. It's probably why he's best kept in the background, playing with Layouts & Logos. Which is exactly like Dungeons & Dragons, but not as cool.

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