Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Cats vs Iops: The Eternal Struggle

The game this week was a little different than normal. I recently came to the conclusion that I have purchased too many little plastic people and that for me to be able to bring everything I want to for game night, I would need to reorganize my bag. One important note that you, the trusty reader, should take from this is make sure you repack your character cards after a hearty reorganizing. It really sucks not having them, because then you end up buying a foil set of season 1 cards and last minute scraping a team together.  

After setting up the boards, I dug through my bag trying to build something new that I hadn’t played before. I had settled on Count Harebourg, Anna Tommy, and The Queen of tofu’s for a bird party. Another important thing, if you plan on playing a character that summons diabolical  robot penguins, you need the tokens for them. So defeated, I said screw it and grabbed Goultard the Barbarian and set off on a whirlwind adventure on the Tournament Map 02.
Now every week we have a theme of two different Krosmaster races that duke it out, this week it was iops vs ecaflips. In my last minute swap, I ended up making my team sort of fit that theme. I ended up playing on the sky bridge map, which is a tournament map, but rarely sees play over the standard Tournament map 01.
I paired up with William, who had brought a straight iop/weird cat people team. His list consisted of Naz Rael, Percedal, Emma Sacre, and Katsu Mi.

I won initiative and moved up the board, securing some gold and positioning Goultard to move up the middle lane in the future turns. William split his forces into a flanking maneuver sending Emma down one side and Naz and Percedal on the other, with Katsu dancing at the edge of the middle bridge waiting to see where her might would be needed.
I proceed to have Anna and The Queen pick up gold and buy Goultard a lovely of Prespic set. Goultard marches up the bridge looking to drive his enemies before him.

Double boot tension roll! Naz moves forward and attacks a wayward tofu and Percedal scores a Vulbis Dofus and crosses the bridge for the flank. Emma moves up and puts two unexpected sword of Iop’s into my poor Queen. Katsu Sentences Goultard for no damage.

Double shield tension roll! The Queen backs off and drops a few defensive tofus and Anna pulls back to regroup for the incoming flank. Goultard lays a few points of damage into Katsu and then moves back to the rest of the team.

Double Boot Tension roll! Percedal uses his newly found speed to weave through the woods with his cat buddy in tow close behind. Katsu starts moving down the bridge that Emma originally crossed and emma slays yet another defenseless tofu and continues the advance.

I enter a point in the game where I know some fighting is about to break out. So I do a few position flips with Anna and throw up the tofu barrier and position myself to attack next turn.

William closes the trap sending Percedal to the far side to join Emma and clearing out the tofu and completing his flank.

I decide that I need to start putting out some damage and have Anna do some flips to get Goultard in range. The queen puts 3 points in Emma and Goultard follows up with 6 more leaving Emma still functional, but both Emma and Percedal are tied up by Goultard with most of his HP and counter up from his armor set.

William rolls down doubles and has Percedal make the lock check, he jumps over to The Queen and sends her out of this game and taking the rest of my GG.

It was my first time using a Goultard, and I’m not sure how I feel about his darker form. I feel like he’s good in certain ways, like the way he punishes the teams that run a million Krosmasters, He really wants a weapon to avoid taking damage all the time or he wants an item that gives him more HP to live his care free attacking lifestyle.

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